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This game begins in Waterdeep, after the city's great fall and after Laeral Silverhand's re-inauguration as Open Lord. The PCs may play any race from the Player's Handbook, as wwell as the following races from Volo's Guide to Monsters: Aasimar, Lizardfolk, and Goliaths.

Classes from the Player's Handbook are all available, and variants from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide are generally available.

Backgrounds from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide are encouraged, and players may choose to be a member of any of the major factions.

How will stats be determined? Stay tuned to find out.

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Item Identification

Items may be identified in a short rest if they are common, but if they are uncommon or rarer they require an identify spell to identify. very rare and legendary items also require history checks to fully understand.

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The game table also has rules. When you play at the table, you agree to the following:

  1. Dice that fall off the table aren't counted.
  2. If one player's gone, we play. If two, we take a break.
  3. Keep your phones in your pockets during game.


It is important that your character identifies with their alignment, but things such as Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil are different in Faerûn compared to real life. The forces that govern alignment are arbitrary, and although nobody knows exactly what they are, everyone could name a few examples of what they entail. Please find these examples below, and ask yourself if your character fulfils these ideals. If not, perhaps it is worth changing.


Uphold the letter of the law over the spirit
Fulfil a promise of import
Bring someone to justice
Choose honour over personal gain
Return treasure to its rightful owner

Ignore danger to aid another
Lead others into righteous battle
Give up powers or riches for the greater good
Reveal a dangerous lie
Show mercy


Make a powerful ally
Defeat a personally important foe
Learn an enemy's secret
Uncover a hidden truth


Reveal corruption
Break an unjust law to benefit another
Defeat a tyrant
Reveal hypocrisy

Take advantage of someone's trust
Cause suffering for its own sake
Dostroy something beautiful
Upset the rightful order
Harm an innocent


The Fang

Membership of The Fang is secret. They meet weekly in the catacombs of Waterdeep in the City of the Dead.

Members of The Fang must complete missions set by Faith, Zen, or Peace, who are the Speakers for the Fang and the only ones who know the Fang's identity.

Level 1 – 10% discount from stores and services of The Fang.

Level 2 – 15% discount, plus 1/week can bribe guards.


The Zhentarim

It's about money. And family. Everything and everyone always has a price.

Members are expected to complete jobs for the Zhentarim, who take a tarif on all jobs completed.

Level 1 – you have access to Zhentarim facilities; no downtime costs for a Common lifestyle.

Level 2 – Developing connections, you can hire cheap mercenaries through the Zhentairm.

The Stronghold: ChromaCollegelaugh

Current Status:

Max occupants: 25 (2 staff, 4 PCs, 19 guests)
Defence: 100

Cost: 0gp/day

Income: 0gp/day

Current facilities (max 1):

Portal Room (0), lodgings (0), stables (0), Shrine (1)

Stables: When up to 12 mounts rest here, their speed increases by 10 ft.

Shrine (1): 20% complete , a sacred space with priests and clergy. Provides advantage to Religion checks about the god. Generates income with pilgrims.

Available Upgrades:

Note: each room with a cost of (1) costs 6 gp/day and 3 staff to maintain.

Walls: 3750gp, +500 Defence, +1 max facility. Unlocks: Markets, Garden, Towers

Damaged Wing: 1000gp, +1 max facility. Unlocks: Second Floor Expansion

Portal Room I (0): 250gp, special effect

Archives (1): 2500gp including librarians and archivists, grants advantage to knowledge when researching here. Unlocks: Alchemy Lab, Arcane Study


Lodgings (1): 2500gp, sustains 24 people. Includes kitchen, cooks, and cleaners. Enables the castle to take students and generates income. Unlocks: Classrooms, Baths

Extra staff:

You may wish to hire extra staff:

Guard: +10 Defence, Cost: 5sp/day

Mercenary: +50 Defence, Cost: 2gp/day. Can turn against you if offered more money.

Steward: Enables profit to be made while you're away. Cost: 1gp/day

Sage: Can perform knowledge checks on your behalf. Cost: 1gp/day

Bard: Doubles profit in tavern. Cost: 5sp/day MAX: 1

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