A young unattached debutante


Esta is a young, absent minded looking woman. Maybe 19 years of age, with sharp striking features and long dark ebony hair. She is dressed in stylish long dresses with impeccable makeup and stunning jewellery.


Little is known about Esta. Though she is often seen socialising with the elite of Waterdavian society, most folks dont even know her last name. What they can tell you is that she is a flirtatious, lively young woman that is almost certainly wasting your time and is definitely completely uncertain about why she is doing anything. What they also know is that she is not to be trifled with. The few young people that have dared to meddle in her affairs have turned up in the harbour a very short while after. Without exception.

The other single fact that all high society of Waterdeep can attest that they know of her is that she is in contact with a very efficient gentleman who will make short, bloody work of any problem you may have. Though he is not especially subtle, he is incredibly discreet and very quick. He can also be quite cheap, depending on whether you trade in the secrets he is looking for.


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