Tag: Waterdeep


  • Gareth Rivalum

    Gareth Rivalum is a powerful merchant. His name is known around town for his trade in derivatives from magical creatures - fairy dust, dragon scales, unicorn horns, and more.

  • Esta

    Little is known about Esta. Though she is often seen socialising with the elite of Waterdavian society, most folks dont even know her last name. What they can tell you is that she is a flirtatious, lively young woman that is almost certainly wasting your …

  • Iareus Helfire

    Iareus is an absent-minded Tiefling whose strong cambion blood makes him menacing in appearance. In truth, Iareus is a friendly fiend with a penchant for collecting things. In 'Waterdhavian Creatures', Iareus lost his pet owl-bear cub, Misha. The PCs …