Fields of Glory

They heard about the Fields of Triumph, where they could fight to earn gold. Money was not so tight as it perhaps once was, but the Warriors of the Crimson Moon were not exactly swimming in it either, so they enlisted themselves. Neville 'Blackaxe' won, but only by a hair's breadth.

Before the tourney, Saskia visited Blackstaff Tower to identify her circlet. She ran into an elderly man, a crazy wizard who needed her to come alone at midnight to his office – the Augury. She did, and that night there was not a moon nor a star in the sky. It was the night of prophecy, the night when the world would end.

At the Augury, the old prophet urged Saskia that there would be danger. That fur, wood, and metal would guide her each in its own way, that they and they alone could be trusted. He had proof. He stepped away, but suddenly the doors to his chambers burst open and tendrils of shadow escaped from the room. Saskia hid but the old man, the archaugur of Blackstaff Tower, was pulverised and killed.


Immediately after the tourney, the Warriors of the Crimson Moon left the arena to find Esta waiting for them. It appears she wants to pay them back for the money she'd stolen from them.

Waterdhavian Crratures pt 2

They turned Temper over to Gareth Rivalum, and left with heavy hearts. They could not take out the head of the Honorable Embassy for Magical Creatures without preparation, so as soon as they returned to the inn, they started to look for a way to handle their troubles.

All four of them toon advantage of their free time to handle their own issues. Caex and Loric visited the Temple of Selûne at Saskia's behest. There, they were absolved of the rabies they'd contracted and an Oracle of the Moon proclaimed that darkness would soon fall on Waterdeep. The city would be shattered.

Neville searched for information on Gareth's headquarters but ran into Esta who invited him and the others to a party at Castle Waterdeep. Neville then ran afoul of some thugs and used a pair of priests debating how the world would end in three days to slip away from the thugs.

Saskia tried to get her circlet identified but did not trust a pimply novice to test his first spell on it, so she returned still not knowing of the circlet's power. On the way, she passed by an insane wizard who killed six civilians. She did not stop to help.

Loric also visited Grug, his blacksmith ally, and had his rusty axe fixed up. The axe, once clean, was made of some bluish metal and had the crest of Waterdhavian nobility set into the head.

The heroes headed off to the party, where they were asked how they should be introduced. they came up with the name: "Warriors of the Crimson Moon". Saskia debated the afterlife with some priests and spoke to a priestess of Shar who agreed that Selûne's prophecy was happening. Caex danced with a giant-blooded human ams discussed why he chose to be here. Loric spoke to nobility about the worthiness of peasants. Neville danced with Esta, escorted her home, and slept with her only to discover that she had fleeced him once more and that the home was not hers but Damian, the Captain of the watch's.

At the party though, the Warriors found out tjat Gareth Rivalum had a holding building for magical creatures called "Pony Prison".

With their goal found the Warriors bluffed their way into the prison – but a group of goblins led by a soul-eating barghest broke free and caused havoc. The Warriors staved off the barghest which fought them within an inch of their lices as they freed Temper and teleported back to the drop-off point. At last they returned Temper to Botanica who promised them to absolve any illness they faced as an extra reward, now that she could return to her research on the memory plague afflicting Waterdeep.

Waterdhavian Creatures

Botanica's Posting : Looking for help!

The PCs answered Botanica Budwhizzle's request, agreeing to smuggle a unicorn named Temper into Waterdeep for the accomplished botanist. They hired a tout to travel into the Undermountain and make their way to Skullport, where they encountered Rohr Hancleft, a corrupt half-elf merchant. Rohr made off with their money and the unicorn, leaving the PCs for dead in Skullport. Things turned around for the merchant, however, when the PCs tracked him to his lair.

Outside Rohr's lair, the PCs encountered the flirtatious Esta, who was tied up by a couple of thugs. They rescued her, and Esta offered to help them in exchange for a portion of the loot. The PCs agreed at first.

Esta and the PCs fought their way into Rohr's lair, but things went awry when they no longer agreed to offer Esta any loot and without her aid, they were badly hurt by the thugs. They retreated and holed up for some time. They pressed onward, fought Rohr (who almost eliminated them, but fled) and as they recuperated, they met Esta again. Esta had dealt the final blow to Rohr, taking all the belongings including the money for the unicorn. The PCs attacked Esta for the money, but she fled.

Without the money but with the unicorn, the PCs returned to Waterdeep and were attacked by a group of grimlocks trying to steal the horse from them. They made their way back, giving Temper an ornate headdress to hide his horn. When they got to the drop-off point, things went South.

Waiting for them was Gareth Rivalum, head of the Honourable Society for Magical Creatures, They talked their way out of serious prosecution, but in turn they gave Temper up to Gareth.

Waterdhavian Creatures Side Mission

LOST: Looking for Misha. Have you seen him?

The as-yet-un-named adventuring party snatched this warrant from the postings wall at the Priest and the Heathen. They contacted Iareus and found that his pet owl-bear cub, Misha, was missing. As a result, the party scoured Waterdeep to find the owl-bear cub. They managed to find Misha in the sewers, but were set upon by grimlocks who tried to steal the cub from them. By the skin of their teeth, the party survived to fight another day and returned the cub to Iareus.


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