Fields of Glory

They heard about the Fields of Triumph, where they could fight to earn gold. Money was not so tight as it perhaps once was, but the Warriors of the Crimson Moon were not exactly swimming in it either, so they enlisted themselves. Neville 'Blackaxe' won, but only by a hair's breadth.

Before the tourney, Saskia visited Blackstaff Tower to identify her circlet. She ran into an elderly man, a crazy wizard who needed her to come alone at midnight to his office – the Augury. She did, and that night there was not a moon nor a star in the sky. It was the night of prophecy, the night when the world would end.

At the Augury, the old prophet urged Saskia that there would be danger. That fur, wood, and metal would guide her each in its own way, that they and they alone could be trusted. He had proof. He stepped away, but suddenly the doors to his chambers burst open and tendrils of shadow escaped from the room. Saskia hid but the old man, the archaugur of Blackstaff Tower, was pulverised and killed.


Immediately after the tourney, the Warriors of the Crimson Moon left the arena to find Esta waiting for them. It appears she wants to pay them back for the money she'd stolen from them.



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